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What is this ?

This is a community based game in which we heavily rely on you, our players to contribute to help us improve the game. Who else knows what`s best for the game and what games you like to play other than yourself?

Volunteer > Submit content

You can submit content for us to use on our game. Email the content to .

We are currently accepting all content that includes:
o graphics / images / pictures, storyline, manual / strategy guides / walkthrough

You may opt to provide us with your `Content by [your chosen name/nickname]` in which we will publish your name in our `copyright page` if we should use your content. We receive thousands of emails a day therefore please contact us if your name is missing from our copyright page.

Volunteer > How can I help ?

You can volunteer to help us in the following areas:

You will need to know CSS, HTML and JavaScript

Your job would be to modify existing graphics/icons off the net or draw your own

**Picture sourcer
Your job would be to search for free nice graphics/icons on the internet

Help us find bugs

Help new players to learn how to play the game by answering their questions

Help us catch cheaters and silence abusive players

To apply head towards `Forum > Ask > Join us as a Volunteer`

Volunteer > List of volunteers

We would like to offer our gratitude and thanks to all who have contributed.

o Beta testers:
waitingforgcturns 2013-06-12 to 2013-06-24

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