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Youtube video on Battle preview

Battle > Cards

You will be given a deck of 20 cards depending on which class you play.
Since a bonus of will be given a bonus attribute (ex: +120 STR to warrior).

For a damage card, a card`s effect will consist of its base damage and the card`s attribute. Ex: Slash requires STR, Slash card deals 80 damage + your STR (total of 320).

Due to this it is important to use only the card that you are proficient in. (ex: a warrior should use cards that requires strength).

o Warrior - STR
o Archer - DEX
o Mage - INT
o Cleric - WIS

Note: Healing cards are an exception as all classes will require healing.

How to check what attribute your card requires:

Youtube video on Introduction to action cards

Battle > Concept

There are 2 different types of cards.
1. Physical damage - uses stamina
2. Spells (dealing damage and healing) - uses mana

Each time you use a card your stamina or mana will be reduced. Be careful not to let your stamina/mana drop too low.

You can replenish your stamina & mana by resting in an Inn in a town.
If you are a new player, try to choose the free room in an Inn to save money.

Battle > Actual fighting

How to attack:

You can queue up to 4 cards
It takes 4-8 second to use each card
Battle ends when all enemies or friendlies are dead

Game mechanics:
Each instance has one or two `boss`. This boss is a more powerful creature that can reward you with higher quality cards. `Bosses` appear randomly and are meant to be extremely hard for its level therefore the aim is to win more than 50% of the time unlike other games.

o Use healing card if your health is getting low
o Plan in advanced, ex: if your health is moderately low you can queue an attacking card then a healing card

Youtube video on Introduction: Battle & health

Battle > Auto attack

Players can enable auto attack if:
o They are below lvl 10
o Or they have upgraded their account to paid status

When auto attack is activated, the game automatically cast the first card in your hand. This works well if you are playing solo and fighting against easy monsters.

You can enable or disable auto attack in the battle screen, or at Options > Game Settings
Last updated: 2013-08-07