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Donate > Donation Points > Donation points Redemption

What is this

You can use donation points to redeem in-game projects or artifacts. The goal of donation points redemption is to make things easier and less time consuming while at the same time does not give you an unfair `god-mode` advantage over other players. For example there is a project that you can redeem using donation points that will allow you to instantly change race. This makes it easier and less time consuming way for you to try to find an alien race that suits your playing style while at the same time does not give you an unfair `god-mode` advantage over other players that does not have any donation points.

Warning > Receiving Donation Points

There has been cases of players who have sent fake dps to other players that they have a grudge against. Although occurrences of this is extremely low, fake dps can be obtained by bank `identity theft` or bank-gamestotal api hacks with the purpose of sending the dp to unsuspecting players to implicate them of the crime or just to cause problems for them.

Also if you have suddenly been transferred a rather large dp from an unknown person we would advise you to not use the dp and contact us to void the points transferred to you.

Warning > Trading Donation Points

In our game although you can choose to trade dp (donation points) for in-game items or favors from other players; officially we do not encourage this. If you choose to trade dp you will have to do so at your own risk.
Last updated: 2011-08-16