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About Us

We are an independent (indie) organization; there is no funding and we arent a big corporate that all the workers wears ties. Gamestotal aims to serve the community, this is in a big contrast to some of the big games corporation that`s main goal is to earn big and fat profit to pay dividends to share holders.

Due to our financial situation our ability to keep on operating is thanks to to various volunteers donating their time to help us improve our services from being an admin and catching spammers and abusive users, testers and to those who helps us out via financial contribution.

About the OP

OP = Operator or me. This term OP is a short form for SysOp or System Operator... those users who had experience with BBS should know what it means. Just like in the olden times, this website is run by me (a person). No corporate and company bullshit.

The office ? Me with one PC in a tiny room in my house. There is no group of programmers... no board of directors... no skimpily dress receptionist (although I sure wish I had a couple of those... hahaha)... you get the idea.

I do have help... although sometimes its probably more like a distraction which is:

As you can observe from the picture... my kid is attempting to help me clean up the place.

The most important thing of all, this is a non-profit site. We do not have seed capital nor do we have VP (Venture Cap) or banks to give us buckets of money to pay for our bills. I`ll be happy knowing that there is sufficient financial donations just to pay to maintain and keep this site running.

And the best thing is, our site is free from ads. The truth is, you can probably earn a ton from bombarding users with a zillion Viagra, porno, and casino ads. I am terribly annoyed with those ads, hence you dont see them here at all, hence this long story in order to convince you to donate.

So why should I donate ?

Yep as you can see from the above picture, my kid is so poor that he has to eat his pillow instead. Just kidding...

I understand that everyone has bills to pay, so do the game website. Cost to keep the game running is astronomical. Imagine the cost to host a game for you alone; now multiple that by 2,891,690 *as of 2011-07-21 .

Remember if you do like our games; please support us by donating so that we can keep this site running...

It is safe to donate to us ?

If you wish to donate but
worried on how safe it is ?
are we a scam ?
then read this...

Stuff that hopefully put your worries at ease

We have a maximum 1,000 user-rating reputation points & a verified paypal account for 4-5 years ( paypalsg {at} gamestotal {dot} com ) was registered on 12th December 2003, thats 8 years *as of 2011-07-21
We have 2,891,690 registered members in Gamestotal *as of 2011-07-21
Last updated: 2011-08-16