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options validate email

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Log in / create account
Game account > Validate Email

What is this ?

Validating your email confirms your identify and will allow you greater access in the game.

This is set in place to reduce the amount of spam, flame and fake accounts in the game.

Why should I validate my email ?

A player that confirms their identity by validating their email will receive:

You will receive +10% XP bonus
Posting restriction lifted on: Chat, Forum & Private Message

How do I validate my email ?

1. You can link your game account to facebook

2. Request for a validation code via email

To do this:

Login or click on `Play Darklands Online`
Click on `Validate your email` (or click here)
Follow the instructions on how to validate your email

How will my email be used ?

Email validation is used by us to protect our players against abusive players, spammers or scammers by allowing us to blacklist such player`s email or facebook accounts from this game.

We do not send newsletter, or any email to your email address. We will only send email with the utmost importance such as:

Your account has been deactivated, suspended, frozen or blacklisted
If there is problems with your donation / payment

Our game no longer sends email when:

If your account has been deleted due to inactivity
Any warnings or punishment for cheating, abusive behaviors, spamming, flaming, hacking, etc
No in-game newsletter, new events, announcements, updates
Last updated: 2013-07-31