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Game Rules > Abuse & cheats

Rules > Summary

We have game rules or guide lines in place to ensure a friendly and happy environment for all players. These rules apply to all aspects of the game, and on all of our services that we offer.

Please do follow the rules of the game to ensure that everyone would experience a fun and enjoyable experience here.

Summary of our rules:

1. Don`t cheat
2. Don`t spam includes only having 1 single account
3. Don`t offend or harass other players

Rules > Cheating

1. Scamming other players off their in-game items
2. Constantly annoying or irritating other players
3. Harassing other players
4. Exploiting a loophole or bug in the system for personal* gain
5. Hacking the game or other player`s accounts

* also applies to members of your Guild or same accounts on same PC/IP
^ Detailed explaination of terms below

Things to remember

No one wins all the time (average win ratio is 20-40%)

Dont lose heart if you lose a lot of battles or made mistakes by discarding your in-game items.

Rules > Chat/Forum/PM/Help Center

1. Don`t spam : posting long characters, junk, posting same message multiple times, ads/selling/marketing/promotion of anything not related to Gamestotal

2. Do not touch or bring up hate, sensitive or inappropriate topics (ex: religions, politics, sexual preferences, or anything that can start a flame war / mass argument)

3. Do not offend, harass, make fun of other players

4. No cursing or swearing, we put in a filter to avoid players `accidentally swear` therefore if you bypass the filter to swear this means you are doing it on purpose (ex: typing in s.w.e.a.r if swear is filtered). Also do not play with the filter on purpose to figure out what words is filtered.

5. No yelling. Completely capitalized words are considered yelling.

6. No posting up rubbish. Do not copy and paste what you see in the game to the chat (paraphrase if you wish to bring up a battle or market posting). Do not use non-standard characters.

7. No posting long strings (do not post lots of numbers/letters without spaces) or stretching the forum/pm/chat. Links of any kind, or words wider than the width of the chat, must be broken up so that they do not stretch the chat.

8. Only type in English on the public chat, if you wish to type in another language you may do so via PM. Do not use any secret code (just use PM).

Notes This is a happy place, so anything that disturbs the peace, hate or `bad` appears, the admin`s duty is to silence everything who participate (not only the one who starts the topic). If at any time you are`nt happy with being silenced or if you believe you have been wrongfully silenced or warned then report it at `Help Center > Ask/Post > Silencing`. Any player who continues to disturb the peace on the chat by complaining or flaming any Guide, Admin or other players, may result with a deactivation of his/her account.

Rules > Breaking the rules

Firstly don`t be `bad`. Our system have a log that tracks all `bad` records, and this `bad` records last forever in our game. If you have too many `bad` records your account may be permanently deactivated or blacklisted. All admins always hope that all players will learn their lesson (ex: offensive player stop swearing). The below is some of the things that may happen for breaking our guidelines

You will receive a warning on being offensive or cheating. Players who do not listen to warnings will be silenced or deactivated.

You cannot post any messages in private message or public chat for the next couple of hours (4-12 hours).
Silencing cannot be undone even by admins.

Depending on case to case basis you may receive some form of punishment which ranges from 0 turns for x day(s) to adjustment to your account.
Your account will be temporary deactivated until any outstanding issues have been resolved. Your duty is to post an appeal, and to help resolve the issue.

We generally don`t do this, unless if the person has a very long history of being `bad` or donation frauds (ex: credit card fraud). You can never login or signup again.
Last updated: 2013-07-31